About IBR™

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RELATIONS, LLC (IBR™) was established in 1991 by a group of researchers and engineers who had previously worked at the research centers of the Soviet Ministry of Atomic Energy and Industry and the Ministry’s headquarters. IBR™ specializes in consulting & engineering services along with project management in the nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycle industries. Leading Russian and foreign companies as well as state organizations are regular clients of IBR™. The successful activities of IBR™ are based on high professionalism of the company’s staff, which implies:

  • Deep knowledge of technologies and operational experience in the nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycle industries;
  • Knowledge of economic and investment analysis tools in energy and nuclear technologies;
  • Experience in successful management of nuclear projects.

The great advantage of IBR™‘s staff is the professional education in nuclear engineering and work experience in the Soviet/Russian nuclear science & industry. Many among the company's staff earned PhD degrees in nuclear engineering. The second principal advantage is proven ability of the IBR™ and its experience in performing engineering activities on technical and economic analysis of nuclear projects and technologies, ranging from  from feasibility studies on  uranium mining and calculations of  cascades of gas centrifuges to computations of the neutronic and thermal-hydraulic characteristics of nuclear reactors and probabilistic safety assessments of nuclear installations.

IBR™ company presentation.

IBR™ is a business partner of the American nuclear consulting company TradeTech, LLC http://www.tradetech.com.

IBR™ aims to enhance cooperation with its regular clients and welcomes collaboration with new clients to achieve further improvement of safety and efficiency of nuclear technologies.

18 Starokachalovskaya St, Suite 24, 117628, Moscow, Russia
Phone: + 7 (910) 425 66 39 / (926) 277 43 92
E-mail: info@ibr.ru

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